nxt™ single-use non-stick bipolar forceps

- Solid silver tips for a superior non-stick effect (compared to coated silver tips)

- Slim forceps profile, thin tines and excellent visualization

- Can be used with standard bipolar cables

- Optimal balance and weight

- True tip alignment (no scissoring)

- Premium look & feel

Single-use irrigation non-stick bipolar forceps

The adeor nxt™ single-use line of bipolar forceps also includes non-stick irrigation forceps which combine our premium bipolar forceps technology with irrigation capability.

adeor nxt™ single-use irrigation non-stick bipolar forceps come with the same solid silver tips and slim forceps profile as our non-irrigation forceps.

All nxt™ single-use (irrigation) non-stick bipolar forceps can be used with standard bipolar cables and irrigation tubes (luer lock).


Bipolar cables and accessories

For the production of our nxt™ slimline bipolar cable, we use a specially developed manufacturing process. The Santropene™ components are directly sprayed onto the cable, resulting in an ultra-slim connector profile. A further benefit of this manufacturing technology is the guaranteed tightness of the cable, thereby ensuring a superior durability and long lifetime.
The nxt™ slimline bipolar cables offer a perfect ergonomical addition to every bipolar forceps on the market. The ultra-slim connector profile leads to a seamless extension of the forceps, without restricting the surgeon. Angled bipolar cables become redundant.





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