Meridian alpha™ Single-Use Perforators

Meridian alpha™ – a new cranial perforator for burr hole trepanation from adeor medical. Available as sterile, single-use version. We offer a manufacturing standard second to none, resulting in unmatched cutting efficiency.
Meridian alpha™ perforators are available in two commonly used sizes, 11-14 mm as well as 7-11 mm, suitable for skulls as thin as 1 mm.

Effective Protection

The unique head profile of the Meridian alpha™ perforator range minimizes the risk of accidental cutting of the dura, thereby vastly increasing the safety of the  procedure. The unique benefits of the Meridian alpha™ perforators include:

- Start & stop when needed
- Restart after stopping
- Safe non-skid start
- Unmatched sharpness
- Minimal vibration





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