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Our key products include high speed surgical drills, cranial perforators, aneurysm clips, bipolar forceps, neuro endoscopes and stereotactic systems used in Neurosurgery, ENT, Gynecology and Vascular Surgery.


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Customer stories

"I am using the Perneczky Aneurysm Clip 2™ for aneurysm surgery. The Perneczky Aneurysm Clip 2™ comes with a unique design where the clip instrument grasps the clip on the inside which goes in line with significant advantages compared to other Aneurysm Clips in the market. The second generation (Perneczky Aneurysm Clip 2™) was further improved, especially in regards to opening width and size. (Prof. Dr. Siamak Asgari, Director Neurosurgical Department, Klinikum Ingolstadt, Germany)"
"We've been using adeor® products in our neurosurgical department for many years. adeor's excellent product quality as well as fast and uncomplicated after sales service was always convincing (Prof. Dr. med. Jens Lehmberg, MHBA, Director Neurosurgical Department, Munich Clinic Schwabing and Munich Clinic Bogenhausen, Germany)."
"Our neurosurgical department uses the adeor® Velocity High Speed Drill system for cranial and spinal procedures. We value the high torque level, the reliability of the equipment and the affordable consumable cost. (Dr. med. Angelika Klammer, head of the ambulatory healthcare center, Paracelsus hospital Zwickau, Germany)."

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There’s more innovation underway today at adeor® than at any time in our history.

Recent examples of innovation are shown below. All featured products are CE and/or FDA approved.

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