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Velocity® Alpha high speed drill electric

Instructions for use

VA_EN.pdf(2.77 MB)

Instructions for use (USA)

VA_US.pdf(2.23 MB)

Velocity® Alpha high speed drill pneumatic

HiCUT™ high speed burs and cutters

MERIDIAN alpha™ single-use cranial perforator

Instructions for use

per.pdf(462.66 KB)

MERIDIAN Classic™ single-use cranial perforator

Perneczky Aneurysm Clip 2™

Instructions for use (clips)

clips.pdf(879.90 KB)

Instructions for use (appliers)

appliers.pdf(312.48 KB)

nxt™ non-stick bipolar forceps

nxt™ single-use non-stick bipolar forceps

Microsurgical instruments

Zeppelin® neuro endoscopy

Zeppelin® gynecological instruments

Product catalogue

adeor_OB_Gyn.pdf(2.59 MB)

CRANIOBRIDGE® cranial fixation system

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