adeor CranioBridge Cranial Fixation

Full confidence. CranioBridge® Cranial Fixation System

CranioBridge® is a convenient, state-of-the-art and reliable cranial fixation system.

CranioBridge® Screws. Optimized off-axis insertion and enhanced screw/blade retention.

CranioBridge® Screws offer a secure and stable fit with the screwdriver blade as well as an easy and fast screw insertion.

adeor CranioBridge Cranial Fixation Screw
adeor CranioBridge Cranial Fixation Plate

CranioBridge® Plates. Low profile allows for decreased palpability.

CranioBridge® plates feature a super-slim profile. The plates undergo a special edge radiusing process during manufacturing. This results in a better cosmetic result without compromising implant stability.

CranioBridge® Screwdriver. Ergonomically shaped for improved precision and control.

The ergonomically designed screwdriver handle improves precision and control during use. A special hardening process of the blades increases life-time significantly.

adeor CranioBridge Cranial Fixation Screwdriver