adeor Velocity Alpha High Speed Drill

Velocity® Alpha electric high speed drill

Based on more than 30 years of high speed surgical motordrill experience and continuous development, adeor® launches the all new electric Velocity® Alpha high speed surgical drill system. The Velocity® Alpha system offers distinct advantages to all parties:

Reliable performance and unique surgical features for the surgeon, easiest setup and handling for OR staff, significantly reduced cost and cash-flow requirements for purchasing departments.

Super slim. Packed with unique features.

Velocity® Alpha nosepieces are designed with the toughest challenges in microsurgical procedures in mind. They are built to last and offer reliable performance without excessive heat, vibration or noise. All Velocity® Alpha nosepieces offer a unique set of features:

- Universal cutter system
- Variable cutter exposure
- Super slim shaft diameter
- One click coupling

adeor Velocity Alpha High Speed Drill Nosepieces
adeor Velocity Alpha High Foot Control

Wireless foot control

The challenge for our new control unit was to combine the flexibility and customisation benefits of a touch screen unit with the simplicity and ease of use that OR personnel was accustomed to from the Velocity® control unit.

One of the recurring demands from surgeons and nurses is the wish to reduce cable clutter around the operating table. We answer this demand with the introduction of the wireless foot pedal.

Universal cutter system

Instead of more than 300 different cutters and product codes, Velocity® Alpha only has 50 codes without compromising variety. This means less stock requirement and free cash-flow for the hospital.

Warehouse managers, nurses, surgeons and purchasing officers will all benefit from the simplicity of the universal cutter design. Less codes mean less hassle. The common risk of using the wrong cutter with the wrong nosepiece is eliminated.

HiCut High Speed Cutter Burr Burs